Here are some short poems and pieces I wrote in my journal reflecting my feelings throughout the last couple of months… enjoy <3

– see you later – 

We both had places to go 

and you left saying goodbye.

Don’t say goodbye

Not now,

Not ever

It’s easier that way,

To not think about losing you

In the silence that comes right after.

– alone –

Being alone was never daunting

It soon became comforting 

like the tranquility of water surrounding 

me as I floated back willingly

You leaving me alone was the opposite,

unexpected like a boat capsizing

I was left fighting to stay above turbulent waves 


I was left drowning.

– sleepless nights –

Jolting awake after

tumbling into another world

A blank darkness meets my eyes

my thoughts wander

and wander

hours on end

until they lose themselves

somewhere with an endless horizon.

– your eyes – 

You hesitate 

but your eyes betray you

they don’t hold back your pain,

or hide your torment 

but whisper your secrets instead.

– you’ve changed –

Your crooked smile 

and playful eyes 

were quickly fading away.

 I didn’t know why

and I wish I had realized 

You were turning into a stranger day by day

– chasing euphoria    – 

I was swimming among the stars

when I was with you,

Lightheaded, delirious and carefree.

I’ve now learned to seek it for myself

– that feeling –

 meeting someone new and instantly clicking

-it’s like finding a new song to dance and sing and listen to on repeat 

– you give me butterflies –

With a single glance they grow 

and flutter around

gently hitting my caged walls

with a desire to be free.

– It’s a new day –

Let the sun greet you with its warmhearted smile and

kiss your eyelids good morning

– and don’t forget to smile back