Twin Flames: A Love Written in the Stars

Twin flames are two beings split into different bodies that share part of the same soul, thus having a more intimate relationship and a life-changing impact on each other. This piece is centered around the special connection between two individuals and more specifically, the reunification of two halves of a soul. When twin flames interact, it’s as if the energy in the atmosphere immediately changes, yet at the same time, everything apart from your other half ceases to exist. A sense of comfort, familiarity, and intense attraction is also present – it’s almost like they’re a mirror reflection of who you truly are as a person.

A buzzing warmth arose from their bodies.

They weren’t even touching,

Yet their smoldering gazes turned into feather-like caresses that left their skin burning with an inexplicable desire,

Leaving trails of goosebumps and hairs standing on end.

The stars above were ecstatic as they witnessed the encounter of the two kindred spirits that ceaselessly blazed throughout the night,

An encounter that they themselves had arranged billions of years ago.

The two souls were instantly captivated by each other’s celestial presence, 


And became hyper aware of the space around them.

The few meters between them had become a hot, dense sea of stardust.

And like awakened fireflies escaping into the night, these particles danced, mingled, and glowed.

Within seconds, the air had drawn them closer, a familiar sensation they knew all too well.

Their eyes locked, unwavering, as they took steady strides towards each other.

The short distance had suddenly seemed so vast- it was as though an eternity had passed until they had crossed the only physical barrier that kept them apart.

But they had finally made it.

Now, they could clearly see the unmistakable twinkle in each other’s eyes:

Windows that reflected specks of moonlight that glimmered on the surface of heavy tides,

Of longing and unconditional admiration.

Eyes that mirrored their own truths, promises, and passions. 

In that moment, they knew that it was more than just their bodies that yearned to feel the intangible, fiery heat within.

It was more than just two hearts that harmoniously beat in unison.

It was more than their intense understanding- 

How they could silently sense the emotions and inner voices of the other.

The irresistible connection they were tied by was simply not confined to the walls that encapsulated their true essence.

They were each other’s necessity.

More than that, they were a part of each other.

Together, their psyche became divinely enlightened, 

Bursting with vivacious hues.

And with the slightest touch, their fingers met at last, 

With dazzling white sparks flying from their conjoined tips.

The stars rejoiced exceedingly at the blissful collision of the twin flames beneath them,

Whose souls had intertwined,

Two halves reunited as one. 

Their destinies infinitely connected.



I was basically listening to music on the bus when I came across a song that initially led to me writing this piece on my phone while I got back home. Electric Love – by BØRNS was a song I listened to years ago as a pre-teen that had me daydreaming about summer nights with friends, fireworks, and falling in love – and it didn’t fail to evoke those same emotions and visuals again when I listened to it years later. Being a hopeless romantic myself, I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of soul mates and had my own thoughts or theories about it. I’m a big believer when it comes to energy, karma, and how we’re all divinely connected and it got me researching – with the hope that I’d be able to find something that would genuinely connect to my thoughts and theories. That’s how I discovered the astrological/spiritual concept of “Twin Flames”, which is what I based this post on. With this piece, I strive to capture the magic involved in what I imagine an extraordinary encounter like this to be like. Thank you for reading this! <3

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Featured Image credit: Art by James R. Eads, Motion by The Glitch

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7 thoughts on “Twin Flames: A Love Written in the Stars

  1. Dear Sarah,
    Your free write is amazing. I was speechless by the end of it. Everything about your piece was written so thoughtfully and all the words you used somehow fit with each other so seamlessly. You said you wanted to capture the magic of the twin flames, and wow. You described it almost like you experienced it for yourself.
    I have nothing to give you in terms of improvement. This was extraordinary, and you set the bar so high.

    1. Dear Gurman,
      I’m so glad you liked my piece! I haven’t written poetry in like years and I really tried to push myself to have this turn out the way I wanted it to. Wow, the fact that you think I described it so well makes me pretty happy about my piece now 🙂 Thank you so much for those kind words! <3

  2. Dear Sarah,
    I love this imagery you have going on! Your words have a certain magical quality to them, and I cannot help but love how well you were able to maintain a plot within the webs of poetry – to me, this is a perfect example of a brilliant structure.
    In the poem itself, the symbolism of the stars with romance is artfully constructed, creating an image of blissful love and innocence. My favorite line, however, was “Eyes that mirrored their own truths, promises, and passions.” because it was timely, considering that all we see now is eyes, thanks to these masks. The cliche, “eyes are the windows to the soul,” may be cliche, but it is downright honest – I applaud you for incorporating such a powerful image into your poem.
    To improve, however, I would tell you to define “Twin Flames” at the beginning of your poem rather than at the end because it would provide more context than what I see right now. Twin flames are such a brilliant idea, and placing it in your reader’s mind BEFORE they have the chance to delve into your poetry will make sure the hard work behind your excellent poem is recognized.
    All in all, I think your identity as a hopeless romantic is one that has produced awe-worthy writing. I struggle to write romantic prose and poetry because I fear being vulnerable, but you have inspired me to try it out!
    I hope to read more of your work in the future!

  3. Dear Nazeefa,
    I’m so grateful that you read my piece and gave me feedback! It means so much to me since your exceptional writing skills have inspired me in so many ways. I’m truly happy that my piece has inspired you to try romantic prose – you should go for it because I think it would turn out amazing! I completely agree with you about the cliche – eyes are the windows to our souls. They tell our truths no matter how much we may suppress them (definitely even with a face-covering on). I did my best to incorporate that without being too obvious about it- and I’m glad it turned out that way for you. To be honest, I didn’t make that connection with the eyes and the current global situation but now that you mentioned it, I believe the line becomes more significant – so thank you for pointing that out.
    I will take your suggestion into consideration for sure – having something for context before the poem with an explanation of twin flames would have resulted in it being easier to understand. Thank you again for your feedback! <3

  4. Dear Sarah,

    I’m in love with this piece (ironic, I know). This free choice hits both of my sweet spots: celestial bodies, love, and the symbolism of celestial bodies to represent love. Your writing piece was short, sweet, and had me thinking all “lovey-dovey”. I really enjoyed it! <3

    One of my favorite lines was the following: "Windows that reflected specks of moonlight that glimmered on the surface of heavy tides". Throughout your writing, I could really visualize what you were detailing. The idea of star-crossed love, or destiny of sorts, was clearly well thought-out.

    The concept of twin flames is super cool! I definitely never knew that theory, and I liked how you used that in your writing. Despite this, as Nazeefa said above, I felt as if explaining the theory of twin flames beforehand would've helped with the interpretation of the whole piece. I read your writing the first time with the idea that is was about lovers of sorts; and, after reading your explanation, I reread it with a newfound understanding.

    I'm amazed at how "Electric Love" could create such an amazing free choice. (I also love that song). I'm excited to see your future writing!


    1. Dear Cindy,
      Thank you so much for your feedback! Celestial symbolism is truly inspiring and fascinating for sure. Yes, I know right – “Electric Love” is such an amazing iconic feel-good love song. 🙂
      You and Nazeefa made a really good point about adding context before delving into my poem and I’m working on re-editing my piece with a good introduction on”Twin Flames” I’m really happy you liked my writing piece, Cindy! <3

  5. Dear Sarah,

    I absolutely love your free choice and the inspiration behind it. It shows how we can be living our regular life, and all of a sudden, something comes along such as a song or a movie and inspires us to write something amazing. My favourite aspect of your poem is your diction choices. They are very strong and add lots of imagery to your poem. My favourite word choices are, “vivacious” or “ceaselessly.” Overall, I think your poem is a great piece and I look forward to reading your future writing.


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